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well i havent been on here in a million years

and itll be my last time, made a new tumblr but i prob wont use it much and let face it no one will be interested unless im hatin lyf and postin generic pics anywaysl

managed to move out twice this year. quite the achievement! admittedly ive been  boring for 3 months, got a kitty and been decorating lots. been startting to get my social life back step by step. living with 2 men for 3 months was not a pleasant experience, 

my new flat is beautiful. like serieoulsy, we have a retro kitchen and everything! life is pretty cool apart from the soul destrying retail work. you learn to ignore it and  just appreicate the goof times(god im glad i dodnt still live with my mum!) but yeah,

anyway eating cheesy noodles, this has been  a final post. :) bye bye

i want next month to be here now so i can move out my flatttttt

ive lived at my flat with phil and carl for exactly 2 months. my monthly 400 which is already a struggle is going up to 420, might not seem much but when you have a set budget it affects it.

Turns out i’m moving to another flat in the SAME block! literally just down the hall with my work mate Lew and his girlfriend. 355 a month. and i get a free double bed.

crazy times!

standard CeX bunch at panchos last night.
Straight hair timezzzz. Brap

Straight hair timezzzz. Brap

My hair grew curlier

My hair grew curlier

last night i managed to fully sober myself before bed and i woke up feeling so gooood!

plus work today was just a breeze. happy days!

Boo lauren, i never go and i im finally going

ah gaaay!! i really have no fundz though, its a tough situation! i guess we’ll see
  1. also, are you coming alex tomorrow?
  2. one day babycakes, one day.

    woop w00p.
    i kind of want to but im so incredibly skint, doesnt look likely!
Loads of toast. Bare toast.

were gonna feed the world with that bare toast james

lord of the rings, and scones. in bed.

someone name me something better than this, you cant mate

im genuinely surprised i havent lost a ton more followers than i have seeing as i seem to have abandoned tumblr for the most part of my time. ive became a text post blog, doesnt seem that appealing unless you like hearing about strange events in my lyf really, which i doubt

recently ive been thinking led zeppelin are probably my favourite band

Howdy ho

Howdy ho

i have curry

im a happy woman. fuck the diet for 1 night!